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Foundation Engineers for Kansas

KC Area Engineers

Name Company Phone No Website
Don Carter, MS, P.E. Foundation Engineering Specialists LLC 913-685-1434
David Hobbs, P.E. Engineering and Inspection Service 913-268-0707 -
John Van Deurzen Van Deurzen and Associates 913-451-6305
Cheri Hulse Gordon And Associates 913-207-2769
Ken Sidorowicz KSPC Engineering Consulting Services 816-741-0852
William (Bill) Carter, P.E. Foundation Engineering Specialists 913-268-5615 -
Frank Comer PST Engineering 913-219-2190
Steve Crook, P.E. Steve Crook, P.E. Logan and Associates 816-781-7626 -
John Krudwig Krudwig Structural Engineers, Inc. 913-660-0584

Emporia Area Engineers

Name Company Phone No Website
Dustin Ochs Central Kansas Engineering Consultants 620-343-6621 -


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