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Foundation Engineers for Iowa

Iowa City area Engineers

Name Company Phone No Website
Johnny Heath Geotech Engineering 352-694-7711
Mike Driscoll Driscoll Engineering Inc. 352-331-1513
Hal Barrineau, P.E H.W. Barrineau and Associates, Inc 352-624-9901

Naples area Engineers

Name Company Phone No Website
Jim Stellar American Engineering Consultants 239-649-1551
Nashed Nashed American Engineering Consultants of Marco Island 239-394-1697
Bob Rude Bob Rude Structures, Inc. 239-277-7771
Derek Cronin Cronin Engineering 239-593-2157
Brian Liebl Liebl & Barrow Engineering, Inc. 239-936-7557
Brian Stirling, PE. Stirling & Wilbur Engineering Group 941-929-1552
Richard P. Lundberg, Lundberg, P. E. FORGE ENGINEERING, INC. 239-514-4100


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